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Striking the Perfect Balance: Balanced-Income Portfolios

Balanced-Income Portfolios: Navigating capital stability and growth with a steady dividend income stream

Balanced-income portfolios (BIP) offer a compelling investment approach that combines growth potential with risk mitigation and consistent income generation. In an ever-changing landscape, these well-structured portfolios provide investors with the confidence they need to navigate market uncertainties. By putting diversification and asset allocation at the forefront, investors can strive to achieve their financial goals with greater confidence. In today's unpredictable financial landscape, investors seek stability and consistent returns to safeguard their hard-earned capital. Enter the world of balanced-income portfolios, a strategic investment approach that aims to strike the delicate balance between growth and risk management. With a blend of diverse asset classes, this narrative explores the concept of balanced-income portfolios and their potential benefits in navigating the ever-changing investment landscape.

A balanced-income portfolio is designed to weather various market conditions while generating a steady stream of income for investors. The core principle lies in diversification, spreading investments across a mix of asset classes such as equities, fixed-income securities, real estate at appropriate points in the cycle, and cash equivalents. Each asset class plays a distinct role in shaping the portfolio's overall risk-return profile, contributing to the key tenets of capital preservation and income generation.

One of the significant benefits of balanced-income portfolios is the potential to deliver steady returns in both bullish and bearish markets. During market upswings, equities drive growth, while fixed-income assets provide a cushion against downturns, shielding the portfolio from significant losses. This combination seeks to reduce the overall volatility of the portfolio, providing a smoother investment journey for investors.

Moreover, balanced-income portfolios can act as a reliable income stream for those seeking supplemental income. The regular interest and dividend payments, coupled with controlled risk exposure, make them an attractive option for income-oriented investors who prioritize wealth preservation. Of course, like any investment strategy, balanced-income portfolios are not without their challenges. Striking the right balance among asset classes demands meticulous analysis and the expertise of seasoned financial advisors. Moreover, market fluctuations can impact returns, requiring periodic rebalancing to maintain the desired allocation.

Striking Harmony: Unraveling the Equity and Fixed Components of Balanced-Income Portfolios In the intricate world of investment management, balanced-income portfolios stand as a testament to the art of harmonizing growth and stability. Central to this artistry are two key components - equity and fixed-income securities. Within the delicate interplay of these elements, investors find a symbiotic blend that seeks to fortify their investments against market fluctuations while generating steady returns.

Equity Component: The Engine of Growth

At the heart of a balanced-income portfolio lies the equity component, representing a collection of stocks or equity-based instruments. Renowned for their potential to deliver substantial capital appreciation over the long term, equities serve as the engine that fuels portfolio growth. Companies within this segment embody innovation, expansion, and economic progress, presenting investors with opportunities to participate in their success. However, it is important to acknowledge the inherent volatility of equities. Market fluctuations can trigger sharp price swings, leading to potential capital erosion during economic downturns.

The key to success lies in strategic selection and diversification. Portfolio managers meticulously assess industries, companies, and market trends to curate a diversified basket of equities that can mitigate risk while maximizing growth potential.

Fixed-Income Component: The Pillar of Stability

Complementing the dynamism of equities, the fixed-income component can stand tall as the pillar of stability within the balanced-income portfolio. Fixed-income securities, such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and treasury bills, are renowned for their consistent interest payments and lower risk profile compared with equities, when appropriately selected.

These securities provide a buffer against market turbulence, acting as a safety net during economic downturns. As interest rates and bond prices exhibit an inverse relationship, fixed-income assets tend to rise in value when interest rates fall, further bolstering the portfolio's stability during uncertain economic climates.

The inclusion of fixed-income securities also aligns with the income generation aspect of a balanced-income portfolio. The regular interest payments provide investors with a steady stream of income, making it an attractive choice for those seeking reliable cash flows, particularly during retirement.

In conclusion, the equity and fixed components of balanced-income portfolios work in harmony, each contributing its unique attributes. The growth potential of equities is balanced by the stability of fixed-income securities, creating a well-rounded portfolio that seeks to mitigate risk while striving for steady returns. Through the expert orchestration of allocation, investors can find confidence in navigating the ever-changing financial landscape and journey towards their financial aspirations.

The ABP Balanced Income Portfolio’s investment objective is to achieve a combination of moderate-income yield and capital appreciation by deploying a globally focused multi asset strategy. The portfolio will gain this exposure through collective investment schemes and ETFs where required. Alpha Beta Partners' Balanced Income Portfolio: A Harmonious Investment Approach

The essence of a balanced income portfolio is twofold: to achieve a steady yield of 3.5-4% per annum while pursuing consistent capital growth. This strategic investment approach is meticulously designed, encompassing a diverse range of assets to strike the perfect equilibrium between stability and growth in the dynamic financial landscape. The income engine for Balanced Income Portfolio comes from fixed income and from equities, notably UK dividend stocks. At the core of the portfolio's construction lies the equity component, strategically skewed towards UK. These equity funds, predominantly income-oriented, offer a prime opportunity for yield pick-up. By carefully allocating a significant portion to these assets, the portfolio aims to capitalize on dividend income while seeking steady returns from global market exposure. Navigating Market Dynamics: The Resilience of UK Dividend Stocks

In ABP's Balanced Income Portfolio, the equity fund selection specifically targets dividend income payers and growth potential. These stocks are the foundation, representing our forward-looking strategy. The Balanced Income Portfolio is designed to encompass outstanding dividend stocks. The funds selected can and will change over time as the manager directs but today include the following.

Vanguard FTSE U.K. Equity Income Index Fund GBP Inc

The Fund seeks to track the performance of the FTSE U.K. Equity Income Index (the “Index”). The Fund is a passive fund with an investment strategy designed to replicate the performance of the Index by investing in all the component shares of the Index, holding each share in approximately the same proportion as its weighting in the Index.

Source: Morningstar Direct Uncovering the potential of the Vanguard FTSE U.K. Equity Income Index Fund, an accumulation-focused powerhouse featuring a bi-annually dividend policy. The fund seamlessly combines the benefits of accumulation strategy with the advantage of dividends paid twice a year. With a commitment to growth and periodic returns, it offers a well-rounded investment avenue that captures the essence of long-term financial success.

Fidelity Money Builder Dividend Fund W Income

The Fund aims to increase the value of your investment over a period of 5 years or more and deliver an income that is at least 10% more than the income produced by companies in the FTSE All Share Index. The Fund will invest at least 70% in equities (and their related securities) of UK companies (those domiciled, incorporated in or having significant business in UK and those which are listed in the UK). The Investment Manager is not restricted in terms of size or industry. The Fund is actively managed without reference to a benchmark.

Source: Morningstar Direct The Fidelity Money Builder Dividend Fund is an income-focused gem with a quarterly dividend policy. This fund is tailored to provide a reliable income stream, delivering dividends on a quarterly basis. With a strategic approach that prioritizes consistent returns, it offers a perfect blend of financial stability and regular income. Experience the potential for growth while enjoying the reassurance of consistent payouts through this well-crafted investment solution.

Fixed-Income Essentials: Stability and Yield in Balanced Portfolios Fixed income yield elements bolster portfolio stability, while creditworthiness forms the bedrock for dependable income in a balanced portfolio.

Complementing the equity component, the fixed-income portion plays a vital role in ensuring stability of income. In the context of a balanced income portfolio, the yield components of fixed income play an instrumental role in attaining both stability and consistent income generation. Fixed income securities, primarily bonds, serve as integral components in this framework, offering essential yield elements that underpin the portfolio's financial dynamics. Corporate bonds, known for reliability and consistent interest payments, are portfolio essentials. They cushion against market fluctuations, ensuring steady income. Offering diverse maturities and coupon structures, they enhance diversity. Research by Dimensional Fund Advisers highlights low correlation between investment-grade corporate bonds and equities, suggesting increased returns without more volatility.

Royal London Sterling Credit Fund M Inc The Fund's mission is to achieve substantial returns over the medium term, typically spanning 3 to 5 years. By primarily investing in sterling-denominated corporate bonds, it seeks to strike a balance between stability and growth. With at least 80% of its portfolio in investment-grade corporate bonds and other sterling-denominated assets, the fund prioritizes prudent risk management. These investments, often in fixed-rate issues, underscore its commitment to reliable returns. Its medium credit quality reflects a carefully balanced approach, making it an attractive option for those seeking steady progress on their investment journey.

Source: Morningstar Direct Cultivating Reliable Income Amidst Market Fluctuations: The Strength of Balanced Income Portfolios

In the realm of investment strategies, Alpha Beta Partners’ Balanced Income Portfolio stands out for its ability to provide a dependable income stream even in the face of capital value fluctuations. This strategic approach combines diverse asset classes to balance risk and return, aiming for consistent income generation. By diversifying across different types of assets such as stocks, bonds, and other income-generating instruments, these portfolios mitigate the impact of market volatility on the overall income payout. As capital values may experience periodic fluctuations, the steady income stream generated by a well-constructed Balanced Income Portfolio offers investors a sense of stability and resilience, making it a compelling option for those seeking reliable income in dynamic market environments.

The chart below plots the component performance for the Balanced Income Portfolio across a challenging market cycle including the Covid-19 pandemic. The provision of a steady and reliable income stream has been a steady and consistent feature.

Source: Morningstar Direct | As at July 2023 IMPORTANT NOTICE:

This is a marketing communication from Alpha Beta Partners a trading name of AB Investment Solutions Limited. Registered in England at Northgate House, Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG. AB Investment Solutions Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Reference No. 705062. This material is directed only to Financial Advisers in the UK and is not an offer or invitation to buy or sell securities. Opinions expressed, whether in general or both on the performance of individual securities and in a wider context, represent the views of Alpha Beta Partners at the time of preparation. They are subject to change and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

You should remember that the value of investments and the income derived there from may fall as well as rise and your clients may not get back the amount that they have invested. Past performance is not a guide to future returns.


Important Information

This material is directed only at persons in the UK and is not an offer or invitation to buy or sell securities.

Opinions expressed, whether in general, on the performance of individual securities or in a wider context, represent the views of Alpha Beta Partners at the time of preparation. They are subject to change and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

You should remember that the value of investments and the income derived therefrom may fall as well as rise and you may not get back your original investment. Past performance is not a guide to future returns.

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