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The objective of AB Lifetime is to provide the returns associated with a growth focused multi-asset portfolio in the medium to long term, while also smoothing equity returns to mitigate sequence risk.

Alpha Beta Partners, Whole Money and leading academics from City Business school have collaborated to develop a unique approach to tackling sequence risk and providing smoother longterm investment returns. Alpha Beta Partners act as the Investment Manager while Whole Money Limited look after the investment research and product development business and are IP owner.

Asset Allocation

As at 31 March 2024

Alpha Beta Partners- 'Thought Leaders in Decumulation’

Managing the new risks a client will face when in decumulation is a challenge even for the most experienced professional adviser.


Alpha Beta has teamed up with leading academics and retirement income specialist Whole Money to provide a suite of solutions and the latest research, all focused on the specific issues that arise when in decumulation.


We hope you find the following short articles helpful when considering decumulation.


The New Risks Faced When In Decumulation

Decumulation Building Resilience

Decumulation The Hardest Problem In Finance

Accumulation VS. Decumulation Portfolios Nov 2020

The Importance of Annual Review

An Autonomous Retirement

 Withdrawal Risk 

Calculating Annual Income

Secure Income In Retirement

The Tail Wagging The Pension Income Dog

Flexible Yet Stable Retirement Income

Longevity Risk

When To Buy An Annuity

Living As Long As Methusalah

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