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Enhanced Cash Portfolio

Global Macro Portfolio

AB Global Macro Portfolio

Deploying our trademark and highly accredited forward looking global Dynamic Asset Allocation, the AB Global Macro portfolio combines discretionary and systematic approaches, as well as fundamental and technical analysis, to create a unique forward looking investment approach that is not bound by minimum or maximum allocations to any one asset class – including cash and Money Market strategies.

The Investment Team adopt a “if this happens, then” approach. This means confirmation of a market direction is required before making an investment. Effectively this reduces risk and avoids the temptation to take strategic positions in asset classes too early, or too late in the investment cycle.

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Our Proposition

The portfolio is an unconstrained investment approach which aims to deliver strong and positive medium to long-term performance. Where market risk is high, the portfolio will shift to cash or short dated fixed income to protect gains from untimely falls. Where market visibility dictates a more aggressive approach is likely to deliver higher growth, the AB Global Macro portfolio will comprise a higher equity allocation, without restriction.

The AB Global Macro portfolio represents the best ideas and strategies available from the Alpha Beta Partners Investment Team. The only restrictions being availability of stock on our chosen custody platform.

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Asset Allocation

As at 31 May 2024

The Global Macro portfolio aims to deliver medium to long term capital growth from a global multi asset portfolio. The portfolio weightings are unconstrained. Where the market risk is high the portfolio has the ability to shift to cash or short dated fixed income to protect gains from untimely falls. Alternatively, where market risk is low, exposure to certain asset classes can be cut, potentially to zero, to reduce downside risk over time.

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